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THE MIAMI FIVE  are five Cuban men unjustly held in US prisons for more than 13 years. On 7 October 2011, René Gonzalez was released but a court ruling means he must remain in the US away from his family while he serves a further three years on probation in Florida.  The Five were arrested for monitoring the activities of anti Cuban exile organisations in Miami who conduct terrorist attacks against people in Cuba. Attacks by these organisations–widely acknowledged as being funded and assisted by US government agencies–have taken 3,500 lives to date.

In the 1990s, Cuba sent the Five to Miami to collect advance information on the terrorists’ plans.  Yet after the FBI was provided with details of planned terrorist activities, it was the Cuban anti-terrorists who were arrested, charged with a range of offences, and subjected to an unfair trial.

They were sentenced to harsh terms in prison - from 15 years to a double life sentence - and have been subjected to inhumane treatment while incarcerated. Visitation rights have been denied and visa requests for other members of the families severely restricted. Although René has been released, the US government continues to deny his wife a visa to travel to the US and there is concern for his safety as he must stay in Florida during his probation.

Amnesty International, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and other international human rights groups, politicians, legal experts, trade union organisations and thousands of others across the world have challenged the fairness of their trial and refusal of visitation rights. Twelve Nobel Prize winners have called for justice in this case, including Desmond Tutu, Nadine Gordimer, Rigoberta Menchu, and Jimmy Carter.

Other supporters of the Five are Alice Walker, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, and in the UK Howard Hodgkin, Julie Christie and Ronan Bennett as well as scores of prominent individuals who signed a one page advertisement in the national media calling for justice for the Five.

Two of the Five, Antonio Guerrero and Gerardo Hernández,  have turned to artistic pursuits while in prison and have contributed work to  Beyond the Frame.

During the past year, campaigners in the US have staged several exhibitions of Antonio Guerrero’s paintings and drawings, as well as Gerardo Hernández’s cartoons.

To join the campaign for justice for the Five contact:

Free the Miami Five, Cuba Solidarity Campaign,
c/o UNITE, 218 Green Lanes, London N4 2 HB office@cuba-solidarity.org.uk
Tel. 0208 800 0155

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Antonio Guerrero
Gerardo Hernández

Families of the Miami Five wish Beyond the Frame success

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign has recently received a statement from the families of the Miami Five that welcomes the exhibition as a ‘tremendous gesture of solidarity’. Members of the families have been invited to attend the opening of the show and a number of associated events in London and Glasgow.

I am writing to thank you for your support for the exhibition Beyond the Frame which is being coordinated in the UK by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

This exhibition is very important in our ongoing struggle to develop the campaign for justice for our Cuban Five and their families. It will assist us greatly in reaching out to new people in Europe who will be able to see first hand the tremendous determination that all Cubans have to achieve the return of our five heroes. It will help again to break the media silence that we have suffered over the years with our just fight.

I can assure you that the Five are incredibly grateful for all the efforts of the people of the UK in this struggle for justice. The inclusion of art works by Gerardo and Antonio in this exhibition is another tremendous gesture of solidarity.

We are sure that this project is in safe hands with all our friends in the UK.  On behalf of the families of the Five and all those in Cuba we thank you for all your support with this noble task and look forward to seeing the success of the ‘Beyond the Frame’ exhibition in 2012.


Gerardo Hernández Welcomes Exhibition

In a message to the Organising Committee for Beyond the Frame Gerardo Hernández, one of the Miami Five, thanks the Cuba Solidarity Campaign for its support and welcomes the exhibition as ‘an important contribution to our struggle for justice.’  Work by Hernández, who is a cartoonist, will be on display in the exhibition, alongside paintings by Antonio Guerrero, another of the Five unjustly imprisoned in the US.

Note from Gerardo Hernández from US Penitentiary, Victorville, California. Artwork: Jose Fuster, 2011 and Photo: www.billhackwell.com